12 Week Mass Building Program1

12 Week Mass Building Program:

So then stiffen up and engage a hungry 2 days + 5 days a gradual increase in carbohydrates. When it stops after a few cycles to work and engage hungry 3 days + 4 days on carbohydrates. Thus you can further toughen up to 5 hungry days and 2 days in carbohydrates.

Thus, an extreme form of dieting is 5 days Phase 1 and 2 Days Phase 2, so starving five days and two days you eat normally. This is an extreme extent, where there are no problems. Someone this process even better psychologically tolerate, because many have difficulty to refrain from excessive food intake with gradually increasing. If this cycle repeats, it was called then cyclical ketogenic diet. However, cyclic ketogenic diet has been a process which usually leads to burning muscle mass and generally always occur some difficulties arising from significant metabolic changes in the organism.

12 Week Mass Building Program1

Dietary above procedure may be repeated until it reaches the desired result. Usually, reduction of 3-8 kg per month. In no sport usually 3-5 kg, 5-12 kg in sport. It depends on metabolic type.

Here it’s really individual. At one time I worked there for federation together as a dietary consultant for both bodybuilders and for lifters and some of these competitors were amphibians, so competed in both bodybuilding and Powerlifting, with top races are essentially overlap, so some athletes one week They had competition in bodybuilding and the second week in power lifting.

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