5 Muscle Building Mistakes:

The transition between different exercises, which differ not only the length of the path of movement, but they are marked differences in the art embodiments, this is not completely strict rule that the weight must attach completely continuously. You can certainly go back 10-20 kilos and their first test series next exercise more control. The important thing is just to get the greatest weight.

Still, however, the lift must according to the principles of HTH – quickly and dynamically to explosively, smooth, controlled, dominant, with reserve and with a desire to perform each repetition completely, respectively, the second and third repetitions performed even better (with procítěnějším involvement muscle) than the first repetition .

The more advanced you are, the more reps you can do so perfect. The principle of the ramp may not be based on the 3 repetitions, although essential for the comfort of many people cross the border 5-6 reps.

5 Muscle Building Mistakes

Whence Comes the Concept of Continuous Ramp?

Continuous ramp based much of it as mostly practicing Powerlifters and weightlifters. Powerlifters example, they begin doing squats without a lap belt, then add the tape, then bandages on his knees and finally jersey (some jerseys can also navléct on two stages, first at the bottom and then the upper body).

More sophisticated it may be on the bench press: the first goes classic bench press in ordinary free T-shirt and full range of motion, then the chest consider various high board and ride board press (boards are stacked from one to five prkýnek). Then the lifter struggled into solid bench-jersey or using tools such as (flexible rubber) or a slingshot (stiff cloth) ram that fix elbows and help keep the weight down harder and push it up better. At best, a frame or slingshot can then be carried out with pressures greater than the weight on the board presses in a full range of motion. But if the lifter wants to test their limits, doing various boards high in the jersey, frame or Slingshot. After all, in practice squats it is common that doing squats with abuts differently high bench / seat and invent various tricks to make getting up easier – e.g. using a high foam rubber (foam) on which sits much softer. Everything is done, of course, in order to raise as much as possible in the final.

Similarly, weightlifters train for example by starting to light the markets that reach over your head and go with them into a deep squat, continuing the markets with which only go into a crouch, and then followed by “only” high straps to your chest (in fact, about half phase of the market), only here already weightlifter attempt to get as quickly as possible under the axis, and proceeding to the various versions of these (different height) on rows until it ends only at short power shrugs waist or only dead strokes with a wide grip and in the special barbell position (which is different from lifterského).

The following training is trying to create sequences offer some exercises for which you do not need special tools (those used by lifters) or exceptional technical skills (weightlifting requires several years of training). Still keeps the basics of strength training, which can odcvičit almost any gym. This is why this training in the name it is a continuous ramp first level.

Advanced level before you open when you are technically proficient, and you have the proper equipment. Eventually also you discover that continuous ramp can be applied not only to the exercises with weights, but also kalisthenické exercises.

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