heavy metals can provide

Also, Heavy Metals Can Provide

Also, heavy metals can provide free radical damage in the body. This occurs when a free radical collides with these metals, which also results in a chain reaction which generates millions of new free radicals.

In the above chain reactions of the free radicals, transfer of electrons from one substance to another. The same is done by so-called oxidation or by oxidation in which a substance reacts with oxygen. Lipid oxidation is one example of oxidation of a fatty substance, for example butter on the countertop or fat in the body. Rancid fat in the body is unhealthy. Cholesterol is also only dangerous when it is oxidized.

The individual cells may function poorly or die if they are damaged by free radicals. In order to prevent free radicals from damaging the body has a defense system of antioxidants.

heavy metals can provide


Antioxidants are Substances – natural or synthetic – that impairs or prevents oxidation. It does this by emitting an electron to the free radical, whereby the harmful chain reaction stops. The difference between an antioxidant and other substances is that an antioxidant is stable enough not even being a free radical, even if it loses an electron. The damage after the meeting with the free radical causes, however, that it can no longer function as an antioxidant, but damaged antioxidants can also be repaired by other antioxidants, so they can resume their antioxidant function. Since each cell of the body exposed to daily thousands of attacks by free radicals, it says something about the importance of a good antioxidant defense.

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