Brazil nuts and cashew fruit seeds, grains

A Handful (About 40g) Brazil Nuts and Cashew Nuts!

Although green vegetables make a significant amount of vitamins and minerals per calorie, dried fruits are a good source of some key vitamins. Few foods provide as much vitamin E than almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and peanuts. Vitamin E, powerful antioxidant prevents oxidation of cholesterol in the blood. In fact, there is a correlation between taking vitamin E in large doses and reducing the risk of heart disease. Protecting tissue alterations caused by oxygen, vitamin E is able to increase the recovery after training.

Fill Minerals:

A handful (about 40g) Brazil nuts and cashew nuts provides more than 30% of the daily requirement of copper, an important mineral, but it is rarely mentioned. In the composition of many proteins and numerous enzymes involved in energy production, copper is necessary for the proper functioning of nerves. Almonds and cashews and pine nuts are part of the few foods that naturally contain significant amounts of magnesium. This mineral that we do not eat in sufficient quantities, is necessary for strong bones, for the proper functioning of many enzymes and is of particular interest to bodybuilders, as essential for muscular work and recovery ( as producer of the sleep hormone: serotonin).

Almonds, pistachios and chestnuts provide significant amounts of potassium, electrolyte that plays a key role in two key functions of training: water balance and maintaining normal blood pressure.

Brazil nuts and cashew fruit seeds, grains

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