7 Day Diet Shake

  • Effective & Healthy Weight Loss
  • Contains twenty Vitamins & Minerals
  • Only one hundred Calories per serving
  • High Protein to boost metabolism


7 Day Diet Shakes are a high protein meal and snack replacement shake, tailored to suit men and girls who are looking for a balanced and nutritious resolution to support them in achieving weight loss goals. With 35percent of the calories coming from protein, seven Day Diet shakes will facilitate your meet your daily protein needs while supporting muscle toning and muscle recovery.

7 Day Diet Shakes are designed to extend your protein intake and reduce the quantity and type of carbohydrates you consume every day. When we eat additional carbohydrates than our bodies want to perform, the surplus is quickly laid down as fat causing us to place on weight. If we have a tendency to modification our food decisions and embody additional protein foods every day we have a tendency to enable our body to break down fat a lot of readily.


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