Active Luminous Skin Serum

  • Anti-aging Skin Serum is calming and nourishing to the delicate skin round the eyes and helps reduce the looks of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines; It’s rich in nutrients and antioxidants
  • Not solely is it deeply hydrating and moisturizing, however also encompasses a calming, cooling and soothing result
  • Reduces the looks of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines; rich in nutrients and antioxidants; deeply hydrating and moisturizing; calming, soothing and cooling


Active Luminous Skin Serum – Are you willing to obtain the natural beauty with only a few efforts? If yes, then you might have tried some of the anti-aging solutions or products to replenish the old looking skin. Might be, you would get success, but the chances are less. These days, here is a new formula that has entered into the market that has obtained the attention from women all around the globe. It is none other than the Active Luminous Serum, which is a skin care formula to enhance the appearance of the skin. It makes your skin glowing and healthy as it has the power to perform such functions in the skin.

What Exactly is the Active Luminous Serum?

It completely gives you safer and better outcomes, when you compare it with other skin care treatments, such as Botox, laser, knives and a lot more. So, never feel hopeless, and just order this cream from its authorized site.

What is Contained in the Formula of Active Luminous Serum?

The working method depends on its 4 major ingredients, which are only natural and free of any kind of chemical composition. The ingredients work in such a manner that the micro management of the facial skin can be done. The ingredients have skin-healing and repairing properties to make the skin very powerful and strong in terms of immunity system.

How Does the Powerful Combination of Active Luminous Serum Function?

This serum starts working in a natural and hassle free manner, once all the ingredients get absorbed into the skin. Its various ingredients have many functions, which you can feel once you apply it to your skin, whether you have a normal, dry, or oily skin. Irrespective of the skin’s condition, this cream actually functions to reveal your natural beauty and personality in front of others. See its ingredients, what they do, when they are in working mode:

  • Avocado oil or Persea Gratissima is used to retain the moisture amount in the skin. By boosting collagen levels, it can give your skin firmer and fuller look to attract others.
  • Aloe Vera is used in many skin care products, because it is very effective at making the skin feel and look refreshing and active. This ingredient creates a protective layer around it.
  • Squalane is utilized to protect the skin from free radicals. By giving the skin a uniform and soft texture, it will nourish it completely.
  • Another ingredient, Soy Protein helps in the skin degeneration by working on cells, which give a chance to the skin to make the aging signs go back and will never come back.

Does Active Luminous Serum have any Side Effects?

No, Active Luminous Serum has no side effects. This skin care cream provides your skin with great plumping, suppleness, softness and healthiness feature without side effects. It does not respond to your skin in a negative manner.

How Active Luminous Serum is Beneficial for Your Skin?

  • It enhances the normal look of the skin
  • It brightens and lessens the darkness of the skin
  • It recovers the overall texture and tone of the skin
  • A 24 hour hydrator can help you in looking full of moisture skin
  • It decreases the aging signs, like sagging skin, wrinkled skin, old or dull skin and many others
  • It plumps the skin by enhancing the skin texture

Applying Active Luminous Serum!

When it comes to the application of this cream, it is very easy and fast forwarding. You can apply it after washing your face by reading the instructions. Take care; avoid exceeding the recommended application, if you do not want to suffer from its negative reactions.

Where to Buy Active Luminous Serum?

Active Luminous Serum is an internet exclusive solution. Just go online and find out its official website as it is a safe place to order it.


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