• Arkopharma Activox Inhalation Tablets facilitate free the upper respiratory tracts.
  • Use it in addiyion to the classic treatment in case of diseases of the higher respiratory tracts.
  • Adoucit la gorge. Aux extraits d’Erysimum et de Matricaire


Activox : Arkopharma Laboratories used their experience in phytotherapy to specially develop Activox® Lozenges. Their formula is made from English ivy, rigorously selected by Arkopharma Group specialists.

Hedge mustard is known for its soothing impact on the throat and gives you a pleasing, fresh feeling. It is also suggested for when your vocal cords get tired (hoarseness).Like hedge mustard, chamomile is known for its soothing result on the throat. This makes chamomile terribly useful within the wintertime.


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