AirSnore Mouthpiece

$59.95 $49.95

  • No Snoring
  • Sound Breathing
  • Peaceful Sleep
  • No Disturbing Others


AirSnore Mouthpiece : Poor quality sleep will nobody any favours. And when this is often because you are snoring each night and you don’t even realise it, you might blame your irritability and daytime tiredness on everything else together with the weather.

The AirSnore Mouthpiece is a straightforward but effective, low-value device. It’s a real various to painful, generally unsuccessful surgery or significant duty respiratory apparatus. You don’t even would like to get it fitted by your dentist and it can be prepared for use in solely a few minutes.

Why Is Good Sleep Important?

Snoring will lead to some serious long-term health issues. To begin with, you run the risk that you really stop respiratory sometimes. This is termed obstructive sleep apnoea. You grasp what happens when you try to hold your breath – therefore you can imagine this inflicting high blood pressure and heart strain over time. You may additionally suffer from low blood oxygen within the lungs. Air Snore prevents this from happening.


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