Anugesic HC

  • Treats external and internal piles.
  • Relieves uncomfortable and painful symptoms.
  • Available as an easy to use cream treatment.


Anugesic HC : Haemorrhoids are little lumps that occur on or inside the anus, and are the results of varicose veins that communally develop due to constipation. Common haemorrhoid symptoms embody itching, irritation, swelling and soreness. Anugesic-HC cream helps to relieve the discomfort and pain caused by piles, assuaging the symptoms of both external and internal haemorrhoids.

What Does Anugesic-HC Contain?

You’ll purchase Anugesic-HC cream on-line from euroClinix, it contains benzyl benzoazte (one.a pair ofp.c), bismuth oxide (0.875%), hydrocortisone acetate (zero.5p.c), Peru balsam (one.85percent), pra mocaine hydrochloride (one%), zinc oxide and (twelve.35p.c).

How Does It Work?

Anugesic-HC cream contains a number of ingredients, that work together to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of haemorrhoids. Hydrocortisone acetate works as a steroid to alleviate inflammation and swelling caused by the piles. Pramocaine hydrochloride is a native anaesthetic, which works to numb the affected space while relieving any itching and irritation caused by the piles. The extra ingredients during this medicine are delicate and contain antiseptic properties, which work by soothing and reducing irritation. Peru balsam conjointly works as a protective and healing agent, helping to market the growth of skin cells.


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