Anusol HC


  • Provides relief of symptoms like swelling, soreness and itching.
  • Available as ointment and suppositories.
  • Treats both external and internal piles.


Anusol HC : Haemorrhoids or piles are little lumps caused by varicose veins which will develop either inside the anus or outside of the anus, inflicting a range of uncomfortable symptoms to occur like irritation, itching and inflammation.
Anusol HC has been clinically proven to produce fast relief for hemorrhoid symptoms.

This prescription treatment is offered as an ointment and suppository to not solely treat the infection but additionally scale back the number of time you have got the outbreak. It can facilitate to alleviate itching, soreness and associated pain including that felt once bowel movements. In addition to helping alleviate symptoms it conjointly protects the skin surrounding hemorrhoids to stop it from obtaining infected additional.

What Does Anusol HC Contain?

Anusol HC ointment contains benzyl benzoate (one.25percent), bismuth oxide (0.875%), bismuth subgallate (a pair of.25percent), hydrocortisone acetate (0.25p.c), Peru balsam (1.875%), and zinc oxide (10.75%). Anusol HC suppositories contain benzyl benzoate 33mg, bismuth oxide 24mg, bismuth subgallate 59mg, hydrocortisone acetate 10mg, Peru balsam 49mg, and zinc oxide 296mg


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