• Clinically proven to be the foremost successful quit smoking method.
  • Quadruples your possibilities of quitting smoking.
  • 12 week course of treatment.


Champix : The health risks associated with smoking are varied and well documented, and buying treatment to assist you quit permanently is often advertised particularly during times of the year like Stoptober. Champix is one proven method of smoking cessation medication. Champix could be a prescription only medication that is obtainable to shop for and will greatly increase your possibilities of quitting smoking. Whilst Champix tablets require a prescription slip from your doctor, you’ll order this on-line with euroClinix without a face-to-face appointment.

How Does Champix Work?

This medication works by relieving withdrawal and craving symptoms when making an attempt to quit smoking. Furthermore, as a result of varenicline binds on to nicotine receptors, it additionally stops the feeling you get from smoking a cigarette causing you to now not get pleasure from the sensation. Altogether, these effects build leaving behind smoking way easier for you, and explain why Champix tablets have helped up to a quarter of all people in studies (a lot of than any different methodology) to present up smoking.


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