CLA Safflower Oil for Weight Loss and Belly Fat

  • REDUCE BLOATING: Slim and Tone Waistline
  • METABOLISM: Promote a Healthy Metabolism
  • LOSE WEIGHT: Target Stubborn Belly Fat
  • ALL NATURAL: Pure CLA Safflower Oil Extract
  • MAX POTENCY: 3000mg Dose Per Serving


Preserve Lean Muscle
Did you know that muscle burns a lot of calories than fat?

Therefore, the additional lean muscle you have got, the additional fat you will burn!

Unlike most fat burner supplements that burn each muscle and fat, UNALTERED CLA works to ONLY target fat so you’ll be able to achieve your best body!

Keep Your Metabolism Working
As we have a tendency to age, our metabolism significantly slows down, inflicting us to store fat more simply.

CLA’s unique impact on a receptor in our body referred to as PPAR helps to naturally boost the body’s metabolism!

This way you’ll be able to target that stubborn belly fat, and gain back the arrogance you deserve!

Energize Your Day
Smooth, caffeine-free energy to stay your day going!

UNALTERED CLA contains no caffeine, thus you are doing not want to stress regarding the “jitters” that usually are associated with high-caffeine fat burners.

Instead, you’ll be able to relish a swish, sustained feeling of energy to keep you going.


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