Clenil Modulite


  • Dispensed in a pressurised inhaler.
  • Contains an anti-inflammatory steroid to cut back the swelling caused by an attack.
  • Available in dosages of 50mcg, 100mcg, 200mcg and 250mcg.


Clenile Modulite is an inhaled steroid treatment to assist treat and prevent asthma symptoms together with wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing. Asthma attacks are usually triggered by exercises, cold weather, respiratory infections, allergens and stress.

Asthma symptoms are caused by the airways narrowing creating it troublesome to breath. This is due to the airway muscles obtaining tighter leaving less room for air to induce in and out that can also be exacerbated by excess mucus production.

What Are The Benefits?

It will be difficult to manage asthma attacks when they occur and you will become worried concerning inducing an attack when doing exercise or throughout stressful periods. Using beclometasone every day can avoid the symptoms before they occur and facilitate your to lead a traditional life. Clenil Modulite can conjointly be utilized in conjunction with reliever treatments such as Ventolin within the occasion of an unexpected asthma attack.

How Does Clenil Modulite Work?

The active ingredient in Clenil Modulite is Beclametasone a corticosteroid that can facilitate control the way the lungs reply to triggers by reducing inflammation. Clenil Modulite is inhaled by the user straight into the lungs and is then absorbed. This action stops the allergic response of inflammation in asthmatics serving to to keep asthma symptoms below management.

With the common inflammatory response being prevented asthma symptoms can be reduced or eradicated altogether. In addition to reducing airway inflammation Clenil Modulite treatment will also facilitate to stop mucus which is created excessively within the lungs of most asthmatics.


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