• Can cure a bout of genital warts among weeks
  • Reduces any symptoms of warts within days
  • Available in an exceedingly 0.5%+ 3.5ml liquid answer


Condyline may be a topical answer containing the active ingredient podophyllotoxin, which is meant to treat genital warts by being directly applied to the STI.

Podophyllotoxin is sourced from the roots of the Indian podophyllum plant. It has a long success rate and was really the first topical medication approved to treat genital warts. It is clinically proven to be safe and effective to treat each adults and therefore the elderly suffering from genital warts, however is not appropriate for youngsters.

Benefits Of Condyline:

This medication is applied on to the external genital warts, preventing them from growing and multiplying, that ultimately causes the warts to disappear. It’s one of the fastest acting wart treatments and has been proven to indicate leads to as very little as three days. If used correctly, in most cases the warts ought to disappear completely once just four weeks of treatment.

How Does It Work?

This resolution contains a vigorous ingredient referred to as podophyllotoxin, that may be a medicine derived from the roots of the podophyllum plant.The answer is applied directly to genital warts. This resolution works to effectively treat the external symptoms of genital warts by having a toxic result on the genital wart cells. This causes the nucleus of the cell that is accountable for cell production and division to become inactive. If the wart cells stop producing new cells, they eventually die and are replaced by healthy skin cells.


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