Denta Seal

  • Help launder. Thanks to the hydroxyapatite complicated that is present within the paste and accelerates bleaching processes.
  • Removal of plaque – The teeth have bacteria and food debris that cause tooth decay. Therefore, eliminating them is the simplest prevention of diseases of the mouth and teeth.
  • Strengthen. Penta Seal forms a protective layer, reducing the sensitivity of the enamel.


Denta seal could be a unique toothpaste of advanced action. Hydroxyapatite, which is half of the paste, is thought for its ability to fill the microcracks of the enamel, strengthens and restores its mineral balance. Safe whitening complex with plant enzyme Papain cleaves the protein layer on the enamel surface, absorbs dental plaque. With regular use, the paste reduces the chance of caries, restores healthy whiteness to teeth, gives recent and pleasant breathing.


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