Dermagen IQ

  • Designed to visibly sleek and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Active ingredient Hydrocolloid additionally helps minimize and flatten raised scar areas from cuts or burns
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Each sheet contains twenty crescent formed patches
  • Each patch can be used 2 to 3 times


Dermagen IQ Anti Aging Cream – Cream Beauty is a gift which is gifted by god, most of us don’t care about our skin and feels the signs of skin decay and skin ruptures from the very early age. Face skin is the most sensitive part on the body which reflects our personality to everyone. It is important us to take care of our skin and give it the mximum benefit to enhance the skin charisma.

Introduction to Dermagen IQ:

A herbal and natural treatment, which protects your skin with uneven dryness and inflammation, it maintain your skin from the collateral damage and from early signs of aging. This formula gives your skin the maximum protection, it gives your skin the growth and natural growth on your face. The ingredients that are present in it are produce to be effective and extraordinary results.

What are the Key Ingredients Used to Dermagen IQ?

Coming with the benefits of vitamin C Dermagen IQ which hydrates the skin from the uneven dryness, it reduces the redness in the skin and makes the skin tone more bright and fair. With the benefit of anti-oxidant Vitamin E helps the skin from the racial damage and improvise the skin charisma. Vitamin K extemporize the skin health and complexion by reducing the swelling and irritation.

How Does Dermagen IQ Works?

Its natural formula absorbs in the skin and make your skin a oil and dry free look, it repairs your skin cells and gives its triple layer benefit. It stops the signs the early aging and nourishes your skin, it enhances the collagen and elastin formation which are the blocks for the skin.

What are the Benefits after Using Dermagen IQ ?

Dermagen IQ hydrates the skin, with the benefit of stop the skin aging. It helpful in the reduction of dark circles and dark spots on the skin, it maintains the skin cells under three layers deep. It traps the moisture on the skin, with no side effects and protects the skin from getting dull. It also helpful in the reduction of crack skin and works on the peel of the skin.

How to Use Dermagen IQ cream ?

This cream can be used as any other cream, you may apply it on your face, it absorbs very fast and gives your skin oil free look. This cream is suitable for all the skin types and can be used by any age group. For the better results continue this cream for 1 month it will starts to show the results after the use of third week.

Any Side Effects After Using Dermagen IQ ?

Dermagen IQ is made up of using all the herbal ingredients and extracts that give you the flawless look and maintains your skin cells, give your skin up to triple layer benefit. This cream with the content of Aloe- Vera and Lycra help your skin to be the flawless skin.

Where to Buy Dermagen IQ Cream ?

The product will be available to you on the website of the product where you can fill all the details regarding the delivery process, and details of the product. A confirmation mail sent to you on your delivery address, and product will be delivered to you on your delivery address. delivery carry certain charges which are charged by courier company in the final billing amount, then product will be sent to you between 4-6 days.


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