• Increases the bladder’s capability to hold urine.
  • Uses the active ingredient tolterodine tartrate.
  • Available in an exceedingly 1mg or 2mg dose.


Detrusitol contains a full of life ingredient called an antimuscurinic which helps to relax the muscle that’s surrounds the bladder wall. In doing so it’s in a position to alleviate the sometimes embarrassing symptoms of urinary incontinence. This stops it from going into involuntary spasm before you’ll reach the toilet therefore that everyday pressure such as jumping, coughing, sneezing and laughing don’t cause the bladder to omit urine unexpectedly. It can conjointly help folks with urge incontinence to possess an earlier warning that they need to urinate thus that they can reach the rest room before an accident occurs.

How Does Detrusitol Work?

The active ingredient in Detrusitol is tolterodine tartrade that works as a muscle relaxant. The bladder wall contains a muscle called the detrusor that can cause the bladder to become overactive if it’s triggered by everyday activities. Being overactive it can increase the number of times you would like to use the toilet every day giving little to no notice that it’s concerning to release urine. This is called urinary incontinence.

How To Buy Detrusitol Safely Online?

You’ll be able to purchase Detrusitol safely online without needing to go to your own doctor by filling in the free on-line consultation form. This form can then be looked at by a doctor to confirm the medication can not interact with any current medication or health problems. Once this has been agreed the medication can be discreetly packaged and sent out to be delivered the same day if you reside in London and order before four:30pm.


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