Doxycycline Capsules


  • Antibiotic medication to cure chlamydia, NSU and ureaplasma.
  • 100mg capsules taken twice daily for one week.
  • Delivered in 100% discreet packaging.


Doxycycline is a tetracycline antibiotic offered to shop for on prescription in the UK and on-line at euroClinix. The tablets are a successful treatment taken orally to cure sure types of bacterial infections by operating quickly to hinder the growth of the infection. Slowing the bacteria’s growth permits the body’s immune system to destroy the bacteria, if you’re experiencing symptoms, these reduce and recovery time is significantly reduced.

How Does Doxycycline Work?

This medication’s antibacterial effects prevent the unfold of bacteria by stopping it from making proteins that are important to help it keep alive and increase in size. This allows your natural immune system to combat and kill off the infection. For Doxycycline, the everyday length of treatment for a 100mg dosage is around seven days depending on the instructions from your doctor and among the patient leaflet, meaning Doxycycline tablets quick acting.

How To Order Doxycycline Online:

You’ll be able to safely get Doxycycline online within the UK from euroClinix by 1st completing an on-line consultation form. This can help our doctors make positive that this medication is appropriate for you to use. No face-to-face appointments are needed at euroClinix, saving you the effort and time booking at your doctor’s surgery and any embarrassment you may feel visiting the GP to order nose to nose.

All prescription treatment requires a consultation in the UK and our qualified doctor approve all medication personally. When they issue a prescription for Doxycycline that will be filled by our pharmacy, that will ship it straight to your door. All packaging is totally discreet which means you can get your treatment delivered to the workplace or shared accommodation in confidence.


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