Keto Ultra Diet

60% HCA EXTRACT – Each bottle contains sixty vegetarian capsules of 500mg each and each capsule contains highest efficiency of 60p.c Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that is highest within the trade for best results.
HYDROXYCITRIC ACID (HCA) – The main ingredient of keto Genix is Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that helps block production of citrate lyase, body’s fat making enzyme, to boost metabolism.
SUPRESS APPETITE – HCA conjointly promotes secretion of mood boosting hormone serotonin to assist suppress appetite and in the reduction of food cravings and thereby assists in weight management.
FAST ACTING FORMULA – The power of 60% HCA extract help speed up your weight management methodology and delivers results quickly when combined with lifestyle changes.

Package : one Bottle (60 Capsules).



A 100% natural treatment  that ensures to remove the excess fat from the body and maintains the metabolism in the body. A natural and herbal  treatment that works on the body naturally and converts the muscles fat into body fats. Also ensures to maintain the body sugar level and maintains the sugar level for the diabetic patients. Exercises, diet plans  and gym are time and money consuming Keto Ultra diet gives you the natural herbal treatment so that your body can energizes and boost the energy level.

How Does Keto Ultra Plus Works?

It’s natural remedy kills the fatty acids and cells  and maintains the level of carbohydrates  in the body, this diet puts our body into ketosis level where even if the food intake is low, Keto Plus Diet helps to maximize the energy level. It’s a chemical free diet which increases the level of metabolism in the body, without any side effect. It reduces the work of insulin the fat storing hormone and turns the body into fat reduction machine. Since lesser intake of fat increases the energy level in the body.

How to Use Keto Ultra Diet?

Keto ultra diet is used as the daily supplement diet without any side effect, it is advisable to use it with some precautions, the pregnant and nurturing women are not advised to intake these capsules. Persons suffering from diseases must consult to their doctor before having these pills. Alcoholic and smokers are should not use these capsules.

Benefits of Keto Ultra Diet:

Keto ultra diet not only controls the weight gain and obesity it also ensure to give many other benefits, like it improves the brain function and controls the level of anxiety. Acne and blemishes can be cured after using this supplements. It also reduces the formation of insulin which is the great factor in the weight gain.

The Main Important Ingredients:

With the benefits of  organic substances it would prove positive to our physical and mental health. The most important substance is Beta-hydroxybutrayte, which fastens the lose of weight in the body. It’s ingredients maintain the blood sugar and fastens the rate of metabolism.

How to Use Keto Ultra Diet?

You need to consume two tablets before your morning and night meals with the water, and should have a gap of at least an hour, for the better results use it for a month, you need to avoid the intake of sugar in your meals and maintain yourself hydrated. Having of vegetables and fresh fruits should be advisable for the better results and the enhancing of the metabolism.

From Where Can You Buy Keto Ultra Diet?

This supplement you can buy only from it’s official website buy ordering it. Any retail and chemist shop can’t claim it’s purchasing. After ordering it from the official website you can have your product at your delivery address within the 4-6  days.


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