• Reduces the possibility of cardiovascular complications.
  • Branded treatment of the generic medication Fluvastatin.
  • Available in dosages of 20mg and 40mg.


Lescol is an efficient treatment that lowers cholesterol levels, reducing the chance of issues like heart disease or a stroke. This statin treatment targets lipids (fats) within the blood cells to stop a build-up of cholesterol from clogging the arteries. You’ll purchase Lescol online at euroClinix by finishing a fast and discreet on-line medical questionnaire below. We deliver all our product in discreet packaging to be delivered when the next operating day all inclusive.

What Is Lescol?

Some patients undergo lifestyle changes, like switching to a coffee fat diet and exercising regularly, with the aim of decreasing cholesterol to a healthy level. This medication limits the assembly of dangerous cholesterol, ensuing in an exceedingly reduction in the risk of cardiovascular complications.

What Are The Benefits?

For most patients, lifestyle changes like following a coffee-fat diet and doing regular exercise are not enough to lower their cholesterol to a healthy level. Although the approach to life changes should be implemented additionally to the medication, you’ll buy Lescol so as to help your body rid itself of the “bad” cholesterol and improve your life expectancy, also cut back any probability of cardiovascular complications.

How Does Lescol Work?

The active ingredient is fluvastatin, which belongs to a cluster of medications, which target the lipids (fats) within the blood cells. High levels of lipids lead to an way over “unhealthy” cholesterol (LDL), that can clog the arteries and result in heart conditions and blood clots or stroke. This medication is additionally sometimes prescribed to patients with high levels of triglycerides, another kind of lipid, which in excess will cause serious health issues.


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