Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening

  • Compatible with all mobile devices and USB ports.
  • Mobile White Whitening Gel and LED Lite Tray can not harm your teeth or cause sensitivity.
  • Quick 20 minute whitening cycle with light-weight & sound reminde.


The complete’s spokesperson is Dr. Bill Dorfman, a celebrity dentist who has created appearances on well-known national shows like Good Morning America, Oprah, The Tonight Show and Dr. Phil. Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening could be a teeth whitening system that uses teeth whitening gel and an LED-powered mouthpiece you’ll power via a smartphone or laptop.

“The main grievance I hear from patients regarding tooth whitening is that it’s too expensive, too time-consuming and too painful,” Dorfman says in Mobile White’s promo video. “Well, guess what? We have a system that’s cheap, effective, low maintenance and zero-sensitivity.


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