Polar White Teeth Whitening

  • Designed to whiten teeth by several shades
  • Pen uses dental-grade whitening gel
  • Three-step application process
  • Whitening gel: 17% carbamide peroxide
  • 2 thermoform trays
  • Blue Spectrum LED accelerator light


Polar White Teeth Whitening : These products are largely used by dental professionals or by people below the steerage of their dentists. The Polar vary is manufactured and marketed by the Australia-based Southern Dental Industries (SDI).

Polar Teeth Whitening Advantages:

  • You’ll be able to benefit from the experience, steering and advice of your dentist, and rest assured that this can be the right whitening treatment for you.
  • Your dentist can provide you with the right mouth trays for your jaws and you won’t have to get into the hassle of moulding them on your own.
  • Better whitening results.
  • Whitening treatment compatible to the EU recent regulation.


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