Praltrix Male Enhancement

HIGH ON ENERGY – Horny goat weed is epimedium extract (Scientific name of Horny Goat Weed) containing Icariins, which are helpful to support need, power & performance in each men & women.

ELEVATES WANT – This is one hundred percent natural plant based mostly largely would like and energy booster for men & girls.

POWERFUL FORMULATION – Each capsule contains 750mg of Horny Goat Weed, that has 10percent of Icariins and 50mg of Maca root powder, which enhances the absorption of nutrients in our body. All ingredients are 100% natural extracts and of highest standards imported into India for very best quality producing.                                                                                                            FUELS PASSION & ENERGY – This is a perfect daily health supplement for couples who need to guide a loving and happy life stuffed with needs and peak performance. GMP | FSSAI | ISO – All health supplements below Kayos Naturals are manufactured with highest precision beneath a GMP & ISO certified labs and confirms to FSSAI rules in CA & US.

Package Contains– one bottle with 60.



Praltrix Male Enhancement Pill – For the wealthy and healthy marital life there must be a good sex life for both the partners, it will also helpful for the good pshychological life. There are many supplements that will ensure you the good sexual life but all those are made up of chemical contents. At a certain age mostly men lose their sexual stamina and power. It will affect the mental and physical health also and make us more stressful and more anxious. This led to the rise of their frustration level and lack of self confidence within them.

Introduction to Praltrix Male Enhancement:

It is the male virility complex that will helps you to get harder and longer erections. It will boost your stamina without harming your physical and mental health. It has special neuro-enhancement skill that will help you to boost your pleasure and also increases your sex time. It enhances the sperm count and make male reproductive organ more effective.

What are the Ingredients that are Used in Praltrix Male Enhancement?

With the advantage of Tongkat Ali that acts to maximizes the testosterone hormone level with the benefits of fastening globulin, that affects the the male sexual health. Saw Palmetto promotes the prostate health and maintain the erectile dysfunction. Tribulus Terrestris helps the body for staying power and enhancing the mass and improve the stamina. Astaxanthin and Fenugreek seeds increases the testosterone level in the body and maintains the sperm count.

What are it’s Advantages:

  • It maximizes the production of testosterone
  • It restore the level of sex drives and libido
  • It increases the sperm count and it’s quality
  • It boosts the vitality
  • It ensures the proper functioning of the reproductive system in males
  • It provide long lasting and harder erections
  • It increases the blood circulation in the Gentile region

 Any Side Effects After Using Praltrix Male Enhancement?

Though made up of with 100% natural ingredients it is safe to use and has no side effects, it will maintains your body stamina. It’s herbal ingredients will make you sexual heath more healthy.

How Praltrix Male Enhancement is Taken?

Two pills a day with lukewarm water, is required to take each capsule before the meals of morning and evening respectively.

Where to Buy Praltrix Male Enhancement?

This capsule will only available to you on the official website of the product, a simple registration form will be filled by you with your required details. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email id for the further delivery and you will receive your product between 4-6 days.


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