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60% HCA EXTRACT – Each bottle contains sixty vegetarian capsules of 500mg every and every capsule contains highest potency of 60% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that is highest in the trade for best results.
HYDROXYCITRIC ACID (HCA) – The main ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia is Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that helps block production of citrate lyase, body’s fat creating enzyme, to spice up metabolism.
SUPRESS APPETITE – HCA additionally promotes secretion of mood boosting hormone serotonin to assist suppress appetite and reduce food cravings and thereby assists in weight management.
FAST ACTING FORMULA – The power of 60% HCA extract facilitate speed up your weight management technique and delivers results quickly when combined with lifestyle changes.

Package : one Bottle (60 Capsules).



Purefit Slim Swift – Being overweight and obese looks a negative aspect in the physical appearance, fat body generally give rise to the various diseases which resulted in the low stamina, with the disturbance in mental health. Weight gain gave rise to the heart problems and hearts diseases like hypertension, heart attack, high blood pressure. Slim and toned body always give a positive gesture to everyone. Fat body resulted in more sleep which makes the body more weak and obese, also it would cause to the women’s with their maternity health issues.

Introduction to Purefit SlimSwift:

Coming with the advantage of the body slim technology, Purefit SlimSwift faster the metabolism rate and cuts the body fats. The natural and herbal ingredients of the capsules reduces the formation of the insulin, the weight gainer cells and cuts down the body fat into muscle fat.  With the content of HCA it  minimizes the hunger and maintains the metabolism of the body.  If affects the glycogen level in the body that affects the muscles positively. It’s formula reduces the fat cells from the body blood. This formula contains the young barley which are known to regulate the glucose level in blood. It also known for the regulation of acid in the body.  Another advantage of Purefit SlimSwift Is to maintain the digestion and removes the excess waste from the body.

How Does Purefit SlimSwift Works?

These pills are effective on cardiovascular system, and helps to lower down the bad cholesterol and  triacylglycerol from the body. This formula is also helpful to slow down the aging process.

The Ingredients and the Composition:

With the content of Garcinia Cambogia and young barley it helps  to stimulates  and  maintains the metabolism and also to lose a person’s weight about 0.5kg a day. The recommendation is generally for the fat people to fastens the fat deduction from the body. It also works to remove the harmful toxins from the body and also helpful for the cure of atherosclerotic lesions (which is the harmful cholesterol for the body) in the body where the cholesterol is present.  Contents of chlorophyll and fiber  which regulates the full flee for the long time so that hunger won’t feel us again and again.  Pills also regulates the digestive system and also the correct function of the internal enzymes, and make sure to remove the harmful and excess waste from the body.

Any Side Effects with the Pills?

Made with herbal and natural ingredients, this product won’t show any side effects to the body. Although it is advisable that any pregnant and breastfeeding woman won’t use it without any medical supervision. Alcoholic and smokers are restricted to use these pills. Person suffering from any disease are advised to use this pills after the medical supervision.

 How to Use this Pill?

Two pills a day is necessary to take before the meals and at least half n hour gap is required between it. One pill is to take in the morning before the breakfast and another is to take during the night before the dinner. Plenty of water is required to take with the pills. Green vegetables and fresh fruits are advisable to have with the use of these pills.

Where to Buy Purefit SlimSwift?

Any retail or chemist shop don’t have these pills. You have to buy these pills from online, the official website of the capsules have the necessary information. All you have to do is to fill a form and order it online. You will get your delivery within the 4-6 days.


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