RX1 Male Enhancement

HIGH ON ENERGY – Horny goat weed is epimedium extract (Scientific name of Horny Goat Weed) containing Icariins, which are helpful to support need, power & performance in each men & women.

ELEVATES WANT – This is one hundredpercent natural plant based mostly largely would like and energy booster for men & girls.

POWERFUL FORMULATION – Each capsule contains 750mg of Horny Goat Weed, that has 10percent of Icariins and 50mg of Maca root powder, which enhances the absorption of nutrients in our body. All ingredients are 100percent natural extracts and of highest standards imported into India for very best quality producing. 

FUELS PASSION & ENERGY – This is a perfect daily health supplement for couples who need to guide a loving and happy life stuffed with needs and peak performance. GMP | FSSAI | ISO – All health supplements below Kayos Naturals are manufactured with highest precision beneath a GMP & ISO certified labs and confirms to FSSAI rules in US.

Package contains- one bottle with 60 capsules



RX1 Male Enhancement pill is designed for the male sexual health that will improve your sexual health. Its natural contents enhance the physical performance, in the men. This pill is regarded as the testosterone hormone level booster, due to this you can experience sexual level in the body.

How Does RX1 Male Enhancement Work?

It is a natural formula that works in a body to increase the physical strength and stamina. Its contents works in a body to increase the libido and to develop more sexual desires. It is generally works in your body to improve your sexual health. It nourishes the male sexual organs and increases the circulation of blood.

What are the Key Ingredients that are Used in RX1 Male Enhancement?

  • Tongat Ali– this ingredient will increase the sexual drive in the body.
  • Muira Puama- This ingredient is useful in improving in recovery time in the body.
  • Nettle Root Extract– It is useful for the increase in the size and girth of penis.

What are the Benefits that Cause After Using RX1 Male Enhancement?

There are many benefits that help your body to recover your sexual health, like it helps you to improves your sexual health, with the advantage of for the bigger and long lasting erections. It reduces the stress level in the body, with the increase of testosterone hormone in the body. It leads you to more intense orgasms.

Any Side Effects after Using RX1 Male Enhancement?

These capsules are made with herbal and natural ingredients which are safe and contains no harmful chemicals. The capsules are made with the clinically tested ingredients which are safe and toxic free, hence it contains no side effect to the person.

How to Use RX1 Male Enhancement?

It is a natural formula which comes in a capsule form, which you have to take it orally. Two capsules a day is enough, each before the meal of morning and evening. A perfect balance diet and plenty of water is needed with these capsules. Consumption of alcohol and smoking is not advisable with the use of these capsules.

Where to Buy RX1 Male Enhancement?

If you want to avail the product, the method to get the product is to going on the official website of the product. There you have to fill a registration form with all your required details. A confirmation will be sent to you on your e-mail id, after 4-6 days you will receive your product on your designated address. if you face any query related to the product or the delivery then you have to go through the customer care column on the website.


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