Snow Teeth Whitening

  • 3 skilled-strength whitening wands
  • 1 extra-strength wand
  • 1 tube of lip treatment
  • 1 vial of desensitizing serum
  • LED activating light
  • Tips for “teeth whitening hacks


Snow Teeth Whitening : Snow is an at-home teeth whitening technology that doesn’t require a prescription and is FDA approved. According to Snow, “prime celebrity dentists” use it and are happy with the results. They additionally say it’s an award-winning system for whitening teeth.

The Harvard science analysis company, Snow Labs, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, serves over 10,000 customers. They say they’re continually trying to boost the technology and consistently trying to unharness more useful product. Plus, with every sale, they donate a number of the proceeds to help offer dental treatments to children who will’t afford them.


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