Tinnitus Control System

  • Chininum Sulphuricum
  • Silicea Combats noise-induced hearing problems
  • Fosters healthy nerve function within the auditory system
  • Delivers nine important ear vitamins and minerals to support healthy nerve operate
  • Listen Up! Hearing Issues Now Occurring in Younger Americans


Tinnitus, as you’ll undoubtedly be aware, is an incredibly frustrating condition that may drive the sufferer mad with its incessant buzzing, ringing or whistling in the ears. It could be a very common criticism that affects around 1 in 5 folks to varying degrees. In severe form tinnitus will extremely have a vital and detrimental impact on quality of life.

The Tinnitus Control Program Is A Two Pronged Attack:

  •  It consists of a utterly natural, homeopathic spray that is proven to dramatically reduce the results of tinnitus and the ringing within the ears.
  • There is also a further dietary supplement in the form of a capsule to be taken orally twice daily. This targets the general health of your ears.

If you’re trying for a moment cure then we tend to’re sorry but this is not it. In reality, when it involves tinnitus and, regardless of what others could say, there’s no such issue as a moment cure! In truth Tinnitus is one of those conditions that doesn’t have a cure. However, thousands of folks have found relief from tinnitus by using this spray as directed over a period of some months. What’s more, the relief from the constant ringing within the ears has been long lasting.


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