• Serving Size – 1 tea bag
  • Does Not Contain: Chemicals and caffeine.
  • Trim Maxx could be a premier oriental herbal dieter’s tea. All sizes and flavors.


Trim-Maxx is an herbal product manufactured by the corporate Body Breakthrough. According to the product box, it’s an “Oriental Herbal Dieter’s Tea.” A diet plan is included, but no details of what the diet entails are revealed.

Trim-Maxx Ingredients:

  • Locust Plant
  • Gynostemma
  • White Ginseng

How Did Trim-Maxx Start?

Trim-Maxx was initial manufactured in 2010 by Body Breakthrough. It comes in different flavors. The corporate was born with a vision to create products for higher nutrition and health. They claim all of the products manufactured by the company are a hundred% natural and free from preservatives, additives, caffeine, and chemicals.


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