• Alleviates discomfort caused by piles.
  • Treats each external and internal haemorrhoids.
  • Available as an ointment and suppositories.


Ultraproct is a good prescription haemorrhoid treatment obtainable as both a suppository and ointment to treat the pain, itching, inflammation and bloody stools. You’ll purchase haemorrhoid treatment on-line at euroClinix without the requirement to visit your doctor for an examination or prescription. You’ll buy Ultraproct on-line at euroClinix by completing a fast and discreet on-line medical questionnaire below. We deliver all our merchandise in discreet packaging to be delivered as soon as the following working day all inclusive.

How Does Ultraproct Work?

The initial active ingredient in Ultraproct is Cinchocaine which could be a local anaesthetic. When applied to the affected are it gets to figure immediately to numb it to alleviate pain and irritation. The second ingredient is Flucortolone which may be a kind of steroid. It works by reducing inflammation and relieving itching. Together each of the ingredients can bring relief from haemorrhoid symptoms and scale back the time the attack lasts.


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