You Suddenly Lose Unusually a Lot of Weight

You Suddenly Lose Unusually a Lot of Weight:

As already indicated, the lack of regeneration in the context of overtraining has a direct impact on your physical health, so that the systems are weakened, which help keep you injury-free and protect them from diseases.

If you herumplagst you permanently with seemingly disappear ending infections or notice that minor muscular injuries piling up, even though you are so to speak, indestructible under normal circumstances, this is a clear warning as to a physical overload. At this point, you should definitely take a break from training and consult a doctor who will discuss detailed steps with you.

You Suddenly Lose Unusually a Lot of Weight

A Way out of Trouble:

The best way to avoid overtraining is to design a training program that your body not too stressed out and leaves sufficient time for the essential regenerative processes. It is obvious that you need to increase naturally as soon as possible your power, but without relaxation you achieve in the long run tend to be the opposite. The to be named in this context magic word is periodization. The concept of periodization is used by all successful athletes and describes the division of the training year in different cycles, are set within which each other training priorities.

By distinguishing in periodic force, hypertrophy and strength endurance training, you warrant that your organism is loaded as versatile as possible and, accordingly, decreases the likelihood of a unilateral overload. Another important component of periodization is the vulnerability of breaks, which you should integrate every two to three months in your training plan in the form of a non-training week.

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